Bed, Breakfast & Bones

 Uncompromising Canine Care



South Beach Manor, Bed, Breakfast and Bones.  

Do we board dogs? Technically, no! We take dogs into our home and treat them like our own pets for the duration of their stay. We do not have "suites" for dogs to stay in. This is a creative term for a cage with wallpaper. Often times your dog will sleep in my bed or spend his day in my lap. In fact, there is no comparison for what we offer, vs. a dog hotel or kennel, as fancy as they may be.   

At South Beach Manor we have been caring for pets for over 4 years and offer 100% attention and companionship, all the time. We don't house your pet in a cage and only take them out occasionally. Couch cuddling, belly rubs, sleeping in a real bed, playing with other dogs whenever they want, unlimited outside time in a huge oceanfront fenced in yard, a real swimming pool (20'40') supervised, of course, this is what we offer, and the list goes on. It's not boarding; it's a luxury vacation for Fido at an oceanfront resort hosted by the real "dog whisperer."  

South Beach Manor is a spacious private residence without confinement, so it's just as if they never left home. Dogs have the run of the house. We only take in a select few dogs at any one time, and set up pre-care meet and greet interviews to assure compatibility with our other canine guests. We provide day care as well as overnight and extended stay. The majority of our clients are referred by Veterinary offices, Animal Clinics, Groomers, and word of mouthy from happy customers.

Play yards are spacious, protected by tall chain link fencing, and the gate is always kept locked for your pet's safety. All outdoor activity is directly supervised by the owner.

Daycare: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. $25.00 per dog. If you become a regular client we offer multiple day and weekly discounts. Late pick up is allowable up to 10:30 pm for an additional $5.00. No cages and unlimited playtime.

Overnight: $40.00 per night. No cages and unlimited play time. Normally, this is checking in anytime after 8:00 am (we do take dogs in earlier, if requested) and picking up the following day by 4:00 pm. Picking up later that day there will be an additional charge of $5.00 up to 6:00 pm., and $10.00 up to 10:30 pm. We are flexible for negotiating an extended stay rate discount for stays exceeding 10 days. Second dog (same owner) $25.00, and no additional charge for late pick up.

This level of care is practically unheard of anywhere. Although not nearly as exclusive as what we offer, if you can find it, luxurious in-home care always exceeds $70.00 per night and is often over $100.00.

Additionally, we carry 3 million dollars in liability insurance, are trained in routine canine medicine applications, have on-call a mobile veterinary, or the ability to take your dog to your vet's office if the need should arise. We send you photo of your dog having a blast, and are always available to answer any question you may have. Special dietary requirements are strictly adhered too, unless, and of course, you don't mind a little chicken or beef (no extra charge) added to their regular food that you provide. Nutritious snacks are always free.

ps. We also have a separate facility for birds, reptiles, and other small furry animals. We routinely book stays for these types of pets exceeding 6 months at a time.

Welcome to the Manor.        


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